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Published on 22/04/2014

With the summer water safety season well on the way we have been busy sourcing all sorts of new kit for the water safety team.

For us, and I’m sure for you, the stand out bits of kit that we are most proud of are a pair of “Selkie Rescue Kayaks” currently being manufactured for us by Mega International in Cornwall. Mega are the only producer of rescue kayaks in the UK, and the Selkie (along with it’s sister “The Shark”) has been developed with the BCU Lifeguards and the UK’s top Lifeguard teams to be a great piece of kit.

As the very first rescue kayaks to be based in Scotland they join a national pool of only around 25, almost all of which are based in the South-East of England. As you can see from the photos they are based on a sea kayak to be able to handle choppy water, have a very distinct lifeguard livery so they can be seen, and have a special rear deck that can be used for storing rescue gear or transporting casualties.

They are due to arrive in the 2nd week of May, and as soon as they do we will be getting them ready for their first duty in the 31st.

You can find out more about our Safety Kayakers, or take one of our BCU Lifeguards courses to qualify as one.