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Lifeguards are the mainstay of a water safety team. They can be deployed with minimal complication, interact directly with the casualty in the water, and provide immediate first aid at the scene.

Our team of qualified and experienced Lifeguards are able to operate from a variety of waterside locations such as poolsides, riverbanks, pontoons, Safeyboats, and shallow water areas. They can carry range of rescue equipment dependant on your requirements including throwlines, rescue tubes and reach poles. Weather and water temperatures are also no issue as the Lifeguards can be kitted out with cags, wetsuits, and drysuits to match the conditions.

Within the team is a specialist a Spinal Management unit, able to provide dedicated protection for locations which are identified as having a specific hazard, such as Tough Mudder’s “Walk the Plank” (a 4-5m jump into deep muddy water in waves of 10 people). The unit is equipped with and trained in the use of floating spinal boards and spinal collars, so that the casualty can receive the best treatment before be transferred to professional care.

We can provide training for entry level Lifeguards through our BCU FSRT qualification.