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At SAS Safety we have experience of working with productions large and small; including our own in-house production company SAS Media which specialises in small scale adventure sports videos.

We are able to provide a range of safety solutions for the television, stage and film industries. We can provide a complete package from location recces to specialist safety rigging at height or on the water, making potentially hazardous or remote locations such as; mountains, cliff tops, tree tops, buildings, rivers, white-water rapids and the sea, as safe as possible to use.

Services include:

  • Positioning of camera crews in awkward and hazardous areas
  • Safeguarding the general cast and crew
  • One to one personal safety cover for actors
  • Training actors and stunt personnel
  • Rigging all safety equipment and working with the stunt team
  • Arranging remote medical cover
  • Providing action doubles

Our team of highly qualified and experienced safety technicians range from Mountaineering Instructors to Swift-water Rescue Technicians. Depending on your requirements we can provide anywhere from a single technician for a simple assignment, to a full safety team to cover large productions.

Each project is managed by a team leader who is experienced in the stage and TV industry meaning that they understand the pressures on a production, particularly on location, so can keep things running as smoothly as possible, while keeping your cast and crew as safe as possible.

As well as full safety cover for your production we can also provide specialist camera footage from underwater and aerial freefall shots. These are highly technical filming environments but with our specialist team we can capture breathtaking images for you with the minimum of fuss.

All of the safety technicians at SAS Safety and instructors at SAS Adventures are also available to act as adventure sport stand-ins or extras, to add that extra professional look to an outdoor or adventure activity scene.