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Even a task as common as crossing the road takes on an increased risk when it is used as part of an event. Road Marshals are there to make sure that when the pressure of the clock or the weather starts to get to the competitors, that there is someone watching out for their safety amongst the other road users.

Our team can be deployed in a range of situations where you need to interact with moving traffic. Working from static positions, or on a moving event using motorbikes, the Road Marshals team can assist with:

  • Crossing Traffic
  • Course Direction Guidance
  • Road Closures
  • Event Vehicle Control
  • And anywhere else where you may encounter moving vehicles.

We use guidance issues by sports governing bodies, the police, and road safety groups to ensure that our Road Marshals are trained to the highest standards possible.

Where required our Road Marshals are also supported through signage to help make other road users aware of what’s going on ahead of them.