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When running or cycling on the public roads, you can often find yourself at the mercy of other road users, particularly when part of a race or sports event. Escort Vehicles provide close protection to individuals or groups travelling on the public road by warning other traffic and creating a safe and sterile area around them.

Our Escort Vehicles and drivers are to be able to provide a real time response to the safety needs of the event when on the road

  • Travelling ahead of groups to worn oncoming traffic
  • Tailing behind groups to protect from overtaking traffic, and  making sure no one is left behind due to issues
  • Working with the Police for rolling closures
  • Reacting to changing situations and responding to accidents and incidents

The vehicles are equipped with a range of features to aid with keeping participants safe, including;, Warning text signs, Florescent driver clothing, Flashing amber hazard light systems, Forward spotlights for travelling in low light, and Hi-Viz markings compliant to Chapter 8 requirements.

For the use of vehicles outside the Escort Vehicle scope, please see our Support Vehicles page. This includes additional vehicle support services such as equipment & supplies transport, first aiders, physiotherapists, and mechanics.