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Whether it’s basic abseils for an adventure sports event, or a complete access and safety system for TV stunt work, our team of highly qualified technicians will design and install a rope system bespoke to your needs.

Our background in adventure sports means that we are used to rigging systems in tricky locations and in all weathers. Our team members continually train with the latest equipment and techniques to stay up to date with best practice, and work with the local mountain rescue team to develop new skills.

We can provide systems for a range of uses:

  • Edge protection: for working near steep drops and cliffs
  • Climbing: classic rock climbing of all standards, and rope climbs
  • Abseils: lowering people down steep terrain to isolated spots
  • Lifting rigs: raising equipment into place above the ground
  • Rope bridges: crossing gaps with high volumes of traffic receiving regular use
  • Tyrolean traverses: for more temporary crossings requiring less materials
  • Object stabilisation: using ropes to secure objects to ensure they don’t move while in use
  • Flying harnesses: mainly used for TV & Film green-screen work
  • Suspending equipment: hanging equipment in place
  • Special activity rigs: such as rope swings, slacklines and tightropes