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Getting people and equipment into remote places can be one of the biggest headaches when working in the outdoors; you can find the perfect spot to set up, but if you can’t get everything you need there then it may be unusable. That’s why the logistics of getting people and their gear to the location is so vital.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a race official with timing equipment, or a full camera crew with technicians and high value gear, we can provide a logistics package to get who you need, and what you need, to where you need it.

Once on site we set up a “basecamp” to work from, providing everything you need while in a remote location; cooking facilities, sleeping space, equipment storage, communications, sanitation, etc. If you are going to have to leave things at basecamp while working away then we also provide security to ensure that everything is taken care off.

When it comes to moving equipment around the landscape it can be hard to beat straightforward manpower. Sherpas are a common sight when you think of places like the Himalayas, but the principle works just as well when working in the UK. We can provide a team of strong and experienced mountaineers who, under the guidance of your technicians and our mountain supervisors, will work to get your gear exactly where you want it. We can also provide advice and training to you own crew and technicians to make sure that the loads they are carrying are suitable for both them and the environment they are working in.

For more complex situations we can advise on and provide a range of additional transport options;

  • Quad Bike / ATV: great for carrying small loads on narrow tracks
  • 4×4: for larger groups of people, and equipment that is too heavy to carry longer distances
  • Powerboat: when locations need access by water
  • Snowmobile: indispensable in deep snow locations
  • Helicopter: for the remotest of locations, or the heaviest of equipment