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When it comes to planning and delivering

Course Design

Our extensive knowledge and experience in all things outdoors







Route Marking

Once a course has been designed and planned out it is important to ensure that participants are able to find their way around it no matter how hard they’re pushing themselves.

We can supply and install signposts, direction boards, and public notices along the route to help guide participants along the route so that they can focus on their performance and not their navigation skills.

Through our understanding of event safety in all environments we can ensure that exactly the right amount of information is conveyed to the people who need to know, particularly when the route involves stretches on the road or other public locations.

Event Resources

Bringing together everything you need to put on a great event can get very expensive by the time you find it and add it all up. So to help lighten the load we are able to supply a range of Event Resources and Equipment that are a perfect fit for outdoor adventure events.

These can be hired as a stand-alone deal, or at a discount when hired with a safety team.

  • Small Marques
  • Control Stations
  • Public Address Systems
  • Timing Systems
  • Land & Water Radio Systems
  • Control Stations
  • Swim Matting
  • Access Pontoons
  • First Aid Facilities

First Aiders

All of our safety teams contain first aiders as standard spread throughout each part of the team, but we are also able to provide First Aider for range of other events such as sport competitions and public meetings.

For more information see our Medical Support page.

Support Vehicles



  • Sweeper Team – Following after events to pick up any retirements or injuries
  • Lead Escort
  • Minibus Transport – Transporting participants between locations
  • Bag Transport – Transporting participants belongings between locations

For long distance charity runs and cycles we are increasing being asked to provide support vehicles staffed with Sports Therapists and Cycle Mechanics to be able to support participants through physical or mechanical issues. With a fully stocked and kitted out support vehicle we can keep a group on the road through most common problems, and organise more advanced care or maintenance if required.

Cycle Mechanics

For events such as triathlons or pure cycling races we can provide qualified and experienced Cycle Mechanics to assist your participants should they have an issue with their bikes. The mechanics can be static at transition areas and start lines, or vehicle based along the route and able to respond to cyclists when required. They carry a full range of tools and spare parts so that as many breakdowns as possible can be fixed there and then so the participants can get back on their way ASAP.

Sports Therapists*

Whether it’s at the end of a race or when they’ve hit the wall,


qualified Sports Therapists and Massuses


Photography & Filming

Videos and photos are a great way to promote your events and the work that you do. In the build up to an event we can film and produce promotional videos to help you sell your event to your participants and supporters. This includes graphics and animations such as maps and GPS overlays. Participants love to be able to take away mementos from their day, so we can also provide event photographers For more information about our Photography & Filming services then please see our SAS Media website.