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The SAS Team

Our in Instructors are some of the very best in the business. Each one carries national qualifications, and is right up to date with the best training techniques in their field. Most of all; they LOVE what they do!

Here at SAS our staff make up so much of who we are as a company. Their passion for the outdoors is infectious and we promise you’ll take away not only good memories of your time with us, but also a renewed enthusiasm for all things outdoors.

Our staff receive the most up to date training, so you can always be certain that you’re receiving the very best in instruction from us.

That’s enough about how good our instructors are, now let’s meet a few of them:

Callum A.

Role: General Manager & Senior Instructor

Speciality:  Adventure Sports & Organising everyone else!

Outside SAS:  BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic & Large Whale Disentabglement Team

About: Callum trained as a civil engineer but found his calling in the outdoors was slightly different than planned. All the way from founding the business he has been pushing it forward to bigger and better things producing a company with a unique range of skills in the outdoors, and helping to make his staff the best in the business; You couldn’t ask for a better boss!

Neil K.

Role: Assistant Manager & Senior Instructor

Speciality: Mountaineering

Outside SAS: Ochils MRT member

About: With us since the very early days of SAS, Neil is a huge part of what it is today. His knowledge and enthusiasm was crucial in SAS’s development and still is; working as a Senior Instructor he helps oversee the development of all our staff and activities with military precision.


Role: Mascot

Speciality: Finding lost DofE groups

Outside SAS:  Search & Rescue Dog in training

About: As head of the face-licking team Reava for fills a very important duty. Kitted out with her own rucksack, climbing harness and buoyancy aid she’s equally as good at recovering drifting paddles as being a hot-water bottle for her dad when out in the hills.

Freelance Team

Role: Instructors

Speciality: Everything from Archery to Skydiving

Outside SAS: A bit like Superman they lead unsuspecting lives in the outside world, but if you see them running into a phonebox near a climbing wall…

About: Our team of freelancers are some of the best in the business. They all hold the same national qualifications and go through the same in-house training as our main instructor team, but their free to travel the world; maybe they’ve got the right idea?

Office Team

Role: Our Office Angels

Speciality: Making sure everything works behind the scenes to make our lives awesome

Outside SAS:  Being stuck in an office surrounded by outdoor instructors usually means that when they get the chance we usually find them running for the hills at the first chance they get; with the instructors trying to catch up!

About: Without our office team our instructors would be totally lost, and not in a map and compass way. They look after everything from a customers first contact, to making sure the instructors know where they’re going and what they’re doing, and collecing in customer feedback. And sometime we even let them outside!