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At SAS we take great pride in the quality of our activities and that comes down in no small part to our amazing team of staff behind each and every one. We go to great lengths to ensure that they love working with us, which in turn makes them love working with our customers. They each hold a range of National Governing Body (NGB) qualifications, recognised as the industry standards across the country, and additional regular in-house training to share all the latest ideas and methods.

One of the great things about being involved with the training of instructors is that we are always able to lookout for the next addition to our staff team. When we’re running courses we always keep our eyes open for someone who shows themselves to have that special something that we want; be it an old hand who’s moving another rung up the ladder, or someone undertaking their very first qualification.

We are always on the look out for additions to out team, especially our freelance team. If you’d like the chance to work with us then get yourself on one of our courses, or email us your CV.