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About SAS

To help you find out more about us, and how we operate our activities and services, we have provided a brief summary of the information we are most frequently asked about.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our History

Formed in 2011 as Scottish Adventure Solutions, from where we get the name SAS, we started as a group of outdoor instructors providing freelance staff to companies and centres around the country. The following year we began running activities under our own name, gaining our first AALA and DofE licences, and initiating many of our philosophies of high-quality instruction and training that carry on today.

In 2014 we rebranded as The SAS Adventures Group, lead by SAS Adventures. It gave us the opportunity to separate our successful safety work into its own division as SAS Safety and gave the capacity for future speciality divisions. Since then we have continued to grow not only with new activities and expanded equipment ranges but also with our reach and staff expertises.

April 2017 saw us celebrate our 5th anniversary, and are looking forward to many more to come!


Although the AALA (Adventure Activity Licensing Authority) licence is designed to protect under 18s in specific activities, AALS (Licensing Service) can, and do, include in their inspection non-licensable activities and unrelated activities, to establish whether a “culture of safety” exists within the organisation.

SAS Adventures Group is licensed by AALA to provide the following specified licensable activity types to under 18s:

Open Canoeing
Improvised Rafting
Rock Climbing
Hill Walking & Mountaineering
Gorge Walking
Off-Road Cycling

Our licence details can be confirmed by calling the Licensing Authority on 02920 755715, or by visiting their website at: www.aala.org and quoting reference number: R2032


Our insurance details can be confirmed by calling John Ansell & Partners, our insurance brokers, on 02072 517 470.

Please note that Public Liability does not include Personal Accident Cover or Cancellation Insurance. Public Liability requires negligence on our behalf before any payment is made. If Personal Accident cover or Cancellation Insurance is required, this can be obtained through holiday/travel insurance policies.


We pride ourselves that our instructing and safety teams hold National Governing Body qualifications, meaning that they are not only trained for our local conditions but are trained and assessed to the national standards to allow them to work anywhere in the country within their remit. For activities where no distinct NGB exists, we use a range of relevant qualifications, in combination with in-house training, to ensure that our staff have the knowledge and experience to meet the recognised industry best practice.

Our high professional standards are also recognised within our industry, and we have been asked by NGBs to consult and advise on the creation and development of new qualifications that have been rolled out across the country.

First Aid

As part of our training standards, all staff undergo regular first aid training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest treatments and techniques to deal with any medical incidents. Our first aid kits are completely bespoke for our activities, and designed by our in-house first aid trainers who also deliver the NGB first aid courses. Each kit is maintained to a high standard and stocked specifically with the outdoors in mind.

Our expertise in first aid extends to providing medical cover to sporting competitions, public events, and film locations.

Child Protection

With outdoor experiences being such a powerful tool in personal development, it’s absolutely vital to provide children and vulnerable adults with a safe environment where they can achieve everything they can. Our staff use their training and years of experience to ensure that we meet the national guidelines on protecting these groups. All of our instructors that work with these groups are registered with the PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) scheme or the local equivalent.