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Associate Instructor Scheme

Our Associate Instructor Scheme is a brand new way for schools and other groups to manage everything related to their outdoor activities. By attaching one of our instructors to your group you can make the absolute most out of the outdoors, but at a fraction of the hassle of trying to independently organise each activity yourselves. Think of it as having another regular member of staff with all the knowledge, experience, skills and equipment needed organise all manor of outdoor activities, but without the need for the financial outlay of employing them full-time.

Through the Associate Instructor Scheme you will be assigned one of our highly experience and widely qualified instructors to be permanently attached to your group. They are able to deliver all the activities that are common to groups such as climbing, hill walking, watersports, camping, cycling etc. So rather than having to bring in a different instructor for each one the same instructor will deliver all of them. They will be able to organise and manage things such as; Afterschool Clubs, DofEResidentials Camps, International Expeditions, Outdoor Fundraising Challenges, and Experiential Learning. The aim is to be able to full integrate your instructor into your organisation so that they can act as another member of staff, freeing up time and resource for your own staff to be able to get on with their normal duties, and providing the participants with the confidence of taking on challenges under the supervision of someone they know and trust.

A few of the benefits of the Associate Instructor Scheme:

  • Stronger Connection With The Instructors

For us this is the key benefit of the Associate Instructor Scheme. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of just bringing in whoever happens to be available when you want to organise an activity, meaning there is no feeling on continuity either in the standard of instruction or the way they interact with the group. The whole point for us is that the instructor to feels like another member of the staff to the group, someone they can interact with and look forward to seeing the next time. We feel that this continuity provided real benefits not just to the group, but to the organisers and the instructor as well. Plus you can treat them like a member of staff for other outings, driving duties, and even as key holders.

  • Priority Bookings

Even if you have an instructor you work with regularly it can be hard to be able to match up your schedules, particularly during busy seasons. Our Associate Instructor Scheme allows clients not only to have priority access to to their chosen instructor, but also to the availability of our activities during the busy seasons. There regular booking dates are automatically reserved in advance to minimise clashes.

  • Less Paperwork

Bringing in outside instructors can create a mountain of paperwork for you every time you need to use someone different. We take the pain out of this by carrying out all the required due diligence for you. All our staff have full training, qualification, observation and vetting record which are continually monitored and updated. Required paperwork for activities such as DofE can also be taken care of for you.

  • More Activity Options

Events such as weather can cause havoc with activity planning which can lead to the cancellation of whole program when the planned instructors qualifications are too limited to be able to provide a different activity. The majority of our staff hold a wide range of qualifications meaning a change in the program can be as simple as a phone call to the office to swap the reserved kit to something else.

  • High Quality Equipment

When you only do activities occasionally it can be hard to justify the cost of buying and maintaining specialist equipment, and even then you may have to settle for the budget model rather than the best. We deal directly with the industry’s top manufactures and suppliers to make sure that we not only have the best kit available, but also that it is maintained to the highest standards.

  • Quality Assurance

Many outdoor qualifications are valid for life, meaning an instructor may only ever undergo one assessment in an activity and then carry on that way till they retire. All of our staff receive updates in the latest techniques and national standards to keep their knowledge up to date. They also undergo regular observation and reviews to ensure they are delivering activities to the high standards we expect and to help them develop their skills even further.

  • Lower Costs

Many schools would love to have a dedicated “Outdoor Education” member of staff full-time, but justifying the costs when budgets are tight can be almost impossible. Our scheme allows you to get the benefits of a full-time dedicated member of staff but without the excess costs. Based on the time of year you can bring them in for more or less time, change timings from evenings to day times, they can work from your building or our offices, and during school holidays they carry on their work with us reducing the need for holiday pay. The costs of the scheme are entirely customised based around your needs so you can be sure that the scheme will be tailored to be everything you need it to be.

To find out more about our Associate Instructor Scheme please don’t hesitate to contact us!