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Charities are in a constant battle to raise money to fund the amazing work that they do, so organising events which create sponsorship opportunities for supporters is a great way to get people involved and spread the awareness of the cause.

To help them do this we provide activities at a discounted rate to help the money raised go as far as it can. Fundraisers can also be rewarded with discount vouchers for their own future activities with us.

As well as our normal activities we are in the position to provide larger specialist charity challenges such as runs, triathlons, swims, and cycle races to just name a few. Our SAS Safety team are  specialists at providing event safety and support to large mass events do to individual challenges.

Here at SAS we are committed to supporting organisations that are out there doing good for the world, and as such we have a growing number of charities that we directly support with time, equipment and donations. Hopefully you can join us in helping to ensure that they can keep going and keep up the good work. Please see our SAS Supported Organisations for information about them and how you can donate.

Remember; For charity event price rates please contact us.