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DofE FAQs?*

Will they be supervised all the time?


Do we need to go out and buy lots of expensive equipment?



If the participanst would like to use some of their own safety equipment, so things like bicycle helmets or bouyancy aids, then we will need to inspect it before it can be used to make sure thats it’s ok, but if for whatever reason it can’t be used then we can provide repalcements from our equipment stores.


Do you provide the expedition food?

For us one of the keys parts of the expedition is the planning and cooking of the participants meals. We can all remember back to our own DofE expedition days and the pre-expedition shopping trip. For many participants the planning and cooking can be the first step towards the independance they’ll need when they leave home for university or college. We provide all the participants with the information they need to make good choices for their expedition food that will keep them energised and make their lives easy; so no Pot Noodles, dried pasta and glass jars of sause!

Participants on Open expeditions will have the chance to do any last minute group meal shopping together before the they head out, so bring some extra money

Do Ineed to do all the training days?



I did my Practice expedition with a different organisation. Can I use that towards my Qualifying?

As long as your Practice was in the same mode of travel as your Qualifying, and it was in a similar enviroment then it’s possible to do. You’ll need to get us an expedition report from them to confirm you’ve completed it and to let us know how it went, just so we can make sure you’re ready for Qualifying.

Can we do the Qualifiying expedition striaght after the Practice Expedition?

No. The DofE Expedition Guide states; “The DofE strongly discourages, at all levels, teams planning to complete their practicce expedition immediatly before their qualifying expedition. It rarely facilitates sucess and can mean participants starting their expeditions exhausted, with blistered feet and wet clothing.” From our experience we very much agree with the DofE’s view, and that participanst get moreenjoyment, perfrom better, and getr much more out of the expeditions with a gap.

It’s generally recommended that there is a minimum of 3 weeks between Practice and Qualifying expeditions. You don’t need to rush and complete it as soon as possible, but also don’t leave it too late so that everything you’ve learnt is still fresh.