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But for groups wishing to do expeditions on more challenging water

Canoe & Kayak Training Programme

2 Day Canoe or Kayak Skills

1 Day Theory Training


The first day is all about gaining experience of being out on the water and building the basic skills of paddling through group challenges and games. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a boat before, we’ll help you learn how to control your boat, manoeuvre it to get where you want to go, and build your confidence for the trips ahead. At the end of the day comes the dreaded capsize drills. Whenever you are out on the water there is always the possibility of capsizing, and it’s important that everyone in the group is able to calmly and confidently sort out the situation, get everybody back in their boats and head to shore to sort things out again. There is another capsize drill at the end of the practice expedition to get a feel for what it’s like when in expedition mode.

Day two is usually spent on a full day paddle journey to take the skills leant on the first day and use them on the type of water you’ll be paddling your expeditions on. Being away for the full day and having a picnic lunch out I’ll feel like your expedition has already begun. At the end of these two days not only will you be paddle ready for your expeditions, but you may also have gained your British Canoeing 1 Star award!

For the final day of training indoors we cover all the classic DofE expedition topics that are common across all the modes of travel and award levels. We’ll be looking at things including; route planning cards, camping skills, planning group meals, dealing with emergencies, providing first aid, and DofE’s twenty conditions for the qualifying expedition.


Canoe & Kayak Equipment

All our canoes and kayaks are maintained to the highest standards and kitted out not only to keep you safe but to keep you comfortable too; you’ll get one of our premium expedition paddles and a comfy seat to track the strain as the days go on.

Each participant will get a buoyancy aid, a paddle and a barrel or drybags to store your equipment in to stop it from getting wet. On the training we’ll cover everything you need to know about loading your kit into the boat so that it doesn’t get in the way or affect your paddling.

If the route includes any moving water sections you’ll also get a helmet, and if there are any portages on your route (places you need to carry your boat around) there will also be folding trolley for the group.

Don’t forget, all the group kit is included as well; tents, stoves, pans and fuel, group shelters, maps and first aid kits.