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Duration 1 Day
Min Age 14
Season All Year
Adventure 7/10
Skill Level 6/10

Learn to lead climb with the confidence of having one of our instructors overseeing your every move!

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An indoor climbing wall is the best place to start learning about lead climbing. The majority of leading skills that are used by climbers on natural crags are also needed when leading indoors, and using pre-bolted walls mean that you can focus on your climbing skills first before moving on to having to think about placing gear outdoors.

On the day long course you’ll learn; belaying a lead climber, clipping into runners, climbing past protections, dealing with falls, and being a second. Following the course, you will have a sound understanding of the skills needed to be able to lead indoors without instructor supervision.

  • Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Gear Racks
  • Ropes
  • All Safety Equipment


  • Personal Harness
  • Personal Climbing Gear
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Snacks/Meals & Drinks (These May Not Be Available At The Location



1-2 People: £80pp
3-4 People: £60pp