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Duration 1 Day (or multiple evening sessions)
Min Age 16
Season All Year
Adventure 3/10
Skill Level 5/10

Become a better rider on the road with our confidence and experience building course, aimed towards people using busy town and city streets.

This course is designed to help you build your confidence in taking to the road amongst other traffic or on complicated road layouts. Riding with confidence is a vital part of rider safety when on the road; being able to control the space around you and how other traffic reacts to you. Learning and riding with the right skills and tactics will build that confidence, make you safer, and help you enjoy using your bike as part of your regular trips.

Urban public streets can be very intimidating and confusing, particularly when busy, and if you’ve had an accident, not ridden on the road for a while or moved from somewhere quieter, then it can seem a lot worse. Our instructors are there to help put you at ease, discussing your existing experience with you and working to understand what things may be a personal issue for you. Starting on quiet residential roads you will learn the correct techniques for navigating junctions before moving onto areas which feature more vehicles and different road layouts.

Many road features that appear designed for cyclists, such as cycle lanes or cycle boxes at traffic lights, can actually be completely wrong and set out by councils with poor understanding, meaning that things that should be there to help you may actually put you at greater risk.

The course covers skills such as where to position yourself on the road for different situations, clear signalling to other traffic, the laws that apply to cyclists, what safety equipment you should have with you, and how weather and seasons can affect you on the roads.

  • A basic understanding of the highway code.
  • Able to correctly ride a bike including the use of gears and brakes.
  • All Safety Equipment
  • Fully Working Bike (If in any doubt have it serviced first)
  • Helmet
  • Fitted Bike Lights & Reflectors


1-2 People: £60pp
3-4 People: £50pp
5+ People: £40pp