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Duration 1 Day
Min Age 8
Season All Year
Adventure 6/10
Skill Level 3/10

If you’ve got a charity you’d like to support, an event or business you want to publicise, or even a team building event at your work, we can offer a unique customised abseiling event.

The great thing about organising an abseiling event is that you can appeal not only to those with a fear of heights who want a challenge but also to those who want the thrill of abseiling in a unique location! Unlike many other sponsored events, abseiling can be undertaken by people of all abilities meaning anyone young, old, active or adventurous can have a go.

We can set up the abseil in a location of your choice (permissions & safety dependant); from a bridge, building, crag or tower.

Following your contact with us, we will conduct a site visit to ensure that the location is suitable for the abseil, before designing the safety and rigging systems that will be required. Some locations may require the hire of specialist equipment to be able to carry out the activity.

On the day we will set up the abseil and safety areas and conduct a safety briefing with all the participants, before the activity beings. We can also offer a variety of other activities for those who just wish to watch.

For an activity like this, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, and that bit extra paperwork to do, BUT the result is a truly unique and memorable experience which will never be forgotten!

To ensure you get the most out of your activity, we ask that participants meet some minimum abilities.

  • No participant experience required.
  • A full assessment of the location is required.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We are usually able to accommodate a diverse range of special requirements.

For assessment courses that require logbooks or NGB registration, please ensure these are completed before the course commences.

For introductory activities, we provide all the activity and safety equipment you need. With more advanced courses you may be expected to have some of your own personal equipment; see the Kit List for information. Whether it’s the latest gear, great instruction or comfy accommodation, we aim to provide you with the best we can.

  • All activity & safety equipment.
  • Any safety or oporations paperwork required by the building or venue managers.
  • We aim to provide oportunties for promoting your brand, such as setups for hanging banners.

As well as the activity equipment, you can rest assured that our experienced instructors carry all the necessary group safety equipment, and are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.


All Safety Equipment

Here is a quick guide to what you need to bring with you for the activity. A full kit list is included with your information pack provided after booking.

  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Clothing Suitable for The Weather Conditions.

If you are struggling with any specialist equipment, then please get in touch, and we may be able to assist.


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