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2015 Water Safety Expansion

Published on 09/01/2015

For 2015 we are continuing to invest heavily in our water safety teams with a number of equipment and qualification additions.


Additional Rescue Kayaks

Following the success of the delivery of our specialist Selkie Rescue Kayaks in the summer, in time for our Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games work,

While the Selkies are perfect for open water work their composite construction and long length mean that in tight or shallow/rocky locations it can be harder work to utilise them to their full potential. So we have undertaken a review of the current range of whitewater kayaks available, and as a result we are pleased to announce the arrival of a number of brand new Pyranha Fusions to join our existing fleet. Their whitewater capability means we are able to deploy them in locations that previously would be unsuitable for the Selkies. We are the very first team in the UK to use them as part of a rescue kayak fleet, but the other clubs and teams are looking forward to the results of our trials.

Currently they are just plain yellow hulls at the minute, but shortly they will be receiving their custom rescue livery. We’ll post some pictures as soon as they are done!


STA Open Water Responder

During 2014 we have been acting as external consultants to the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) to assist in the development of a brand new rescue qualification for open water swimming events. The first qualification of it’s kind, the Open Water Responder will train rescuers specifically in the sk

As well as assisting with it’s development we will also be one of it’s selected delivery parters, and will be running the final pilot courses in around April, before it is rolled out across the country. We will post more details of the course in the Training section in the near future.


New Safetyboats

Also on our list of acquisitions for 2015 has been 2 new safetyboats for our event safety team; Quicksilver 380HD and 430HD, powered by Mariner Marathon 25hp and 35hp engines respectively. We’ve chosen these boats for their speed, manoeuvrability and reliability. Very popular with rescue teams  and divers, their low freeboard also make them great for getting people in and out of the water.


Water Safety Trailer

One of the biggest headaches when hiring water safety teams is the cost and hassle of moving equipment to where it’s needed; a normal boat trailer only carries 1 at a time, and a van roof can only hold 3 or 4 kayaks. To help solve this we are building a custom 1 of a kind trailer to help carry our boats and kayaks to locations across the country with as little cost and hassle as possible. The aim is to be able to carry 2-3 boats and up to 12 kayaks, or 2 jetskis and 10 kayaks, meaning that an entire event safety team can be accommodated on a single trailer.


Rapid Response Quad-bike

During our busy season we will be trialling a new Rapid Response Quad-bike for patrolling large areas and public events. This road legal quad will be capable to transporting 2 rescue technicians with water rescue and medical equipment around large sites and at speed if required. For use on busy sites it will also be kitted out with a siren and flashing lights to ensure it is as visible as possible. We will also be using the quad to support our mountain and medical safety teams.